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Auto Coasters

The days of sticky cupholders and sweaty beverage containers have come to an end, thanks to your new Absorbastone Auto Coasters.

The bottom of your beverage cup will be kept nice and dry because of the Absorbastone material, a super absorbent thirsty stone that makes up the coaster. This means no more dripping cups getting your clothes all wet and distracting you from the road every time you attempt to take a drink.

If your beverage happens to leak, your auto coaster will be there to catch the sticky liquid. Your auto coaster is easy to remove, rise off and pop back into place. Beyond keeping you and your car clean and dry your auto coaster's vibrant and durable graphics will help you express your personality or make a statement.

As you browse for your favorite coasters don't forget your friends and family. They are sure to enjoy a useful gift that says "I was thinking of you." At $2.29 you can share them with everyone you care about and not break the bank.

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