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Welcome to Rau's Country Store!

We're so glad that you stopped by to take a look at our collection of nostalgic accessories and take a step back
in time with us. While perusing our site you'll find nostalgic candy including old fashioned candy sticks reminiscent
of your childhood, reproduction retro metal signs that you saw hanging in your grandpa's garage, or lace an
textiles that take you back to the last home cooked Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma's and so much more. For the
collector at heart you'll find themed items from classic John Deere and its signature green to Russian nesting dolls
and one of a kind artistically created dollhouse miniature accessories. Let the nostalgia wash over you and enjoy
the feeling of a simpler time when gas and Good Humor ice cream was a nickel and great pickles came straight from
the barrel.


We hope you enjoy taking a stroll down memory lane and encourage you to also take a look at our modern side, with
our unique collection of auto coasters, glassware and candles. 


Enjoy, and thanks for visiting Rau's.